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Equestrian portrait photography-Santa Ynez-erica richards photography

Equestrian portrait Photography

Your relationship with your horse is not a gentle hobby, it is a


You’ve eaten dust more times than you can count, but you get right back on and never give up. You have experienced endurance, perseverance, toil, and run the gamut of emotion but the reward has been extraordinary.... this is your story!

Rejoice in it, Capture it! 

Equine portrait photography-Santa Ynez-erica richards photography
Equine photography-erica richards photography
"Erica' s eye and expertise allowed her to capture the most amazing photo of my horse; it takes my breath away every time I look at it. Thank You, Erica!" 


where does your

take you?

Horse and Rider

Equine Portraits and Fine Art

Equestrian photography-erica richards photography
Equine photography-erica richards photography
equine photography-Sylmar-erica richards photography

Your Memories Are Worth More Than Social Media!


About me

Award Winning and Published Photographer

equine fine art photographer-equestrian photographer-erica richards photography

photo by Lolo Spencer Photography

Hi and Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by.


​I’m Erica, an Equine Portrait Photographer and I love how light can create an aura of magic; I capture classic, magical, and captivating images that showcase all the unique and special features of you and your horse.

I have been horse crazy all my life. In fact, I think the very first time I spoke, I was pointing to a horse and said “Mine!” So, I totally get it when the highlight of your day is the time spent at the barn, how your heart melts when they follow you everywhere, and how those big, liquid eyes just seem to know what you're thinking. 


As an experienced rider and horse owner, working with your horse comes easily and naturally and I know how to capture them at their best. I love to incorporate laughter into all of my photo sessions, not only does this keep the session light on stress and anxiety, but it creates an environment for you to truly be yourself and have fun.


After her session, Ryle commented, "Erica's patience and calm aura make you feel very relaxed around the camera and she really takes the time to nail your vision!" It's my goal for you to enjoy your session. It's my fortune to be able to document these precious memories for you! 

Tell me all about the horse that captured your heart!

Equestrian photographer-equine fine art photographer-erica richards photography

photo by Patti MonsonPhotography

Equine portrait photography-Sylmar-erica richards photography

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equestrian photography-erica richards photography
“These photos are amazing! We love them so much! Thank you for creating these memories.”  -Trisha L.
Equestrian photography-erica richards photography

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